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Born and raised in the Southeast US, I have lived and worked in some great places including Nashville, TN, New York City, London, Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC and now Seattle, WA.

I currently live in Kirkland, WA with my wife, two daughters, and Labrador retriever.

My experience spans all aspects of technology marketing and business development in venture-backed companies and I was most recently Vice President of Marketing for Seattle-based Gist, Inc. which was acquired by Research In Motion (RIM). Prior "projects" have included various marketing and product management roles at MessageGate, Orchestria, nuBridges, and Idapta as well as several years with the Arthur Andersen organization working with the Business Consulting division in both Atlanta and Washington, DC. I am also an active advisor and consultant through my own firm - Market Driven Methods.

I'll do my best to be unbiased in my analysis, but understand I am coming at this as both a marketing professional and "sell-side" software vendor.

The opinions here represent my personal view, are my own, and do not represent those of any company or organization.

My purpose (from my first post on 4/3/07):

After tinkering with this for some time and wondering who in the world has time for this type of thing, I have now officially joined the blogosphere.

Whether anyone cares about my ramblings and musings is another thing, but I will do my best to create relevant and compelling content. I read many other sites and will link shamelessly, but my motivation is not to make money from this.

So, what is my motivation?

I have spent my entire professional career focused on collaboration in some form or another from the days of telecommunications deregulation to low earth orbit satellites to cellular networks to electronic communications and the current thorn in the side of corporate america - email.

Most of that experience is through early stage or start-up companies anchored by several years of consulting with the now vanished Arthur Andersen organization.

My selection of "Reply to All" as a title of this blog is indicative of the challenges and habits created by our technology "enablers" in our modern workplace. I seek to touch on how we communicate as people and how young companies struggle and strive to make the process better, faster, cheaper, etc.